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Franklin Chiropractic Weight Loss

If you are having trouble losing weight, I doubt the first place you’d think to go for help is a chiropractic center! That was definitely the case for me. But when my best friend of over 20 years started to slim down and look amazing, I had to ask her secret. Much to my surprise, she told me that regular visits to her? Franklin chiropractor were the key to her success. She was not only losing weight, but she was feeling better than she ever had. I was shocked, but I wanted to know more. She told me that the team of chiropractors and other health and wellness professionals at Advance Health and Wellness had helped her every step of the way, and she knew they could do the same for me.

My first visit was a little frightening for me. It took a lot for me to seek help at all with my weight, since no one wants to admit they have enough trouble losing or maintaining a healthy weight to warrant a doctor visit. But I had come to the breaking point. I couldn’t do the fad diets all my Facebook friends were trying, those ridiculous wraps or supplements seemed to be a delusion, and I really enjoy food! Its Nashville! And Franklin has some of the best restaurants around. Not to mention, when you have no guidance, you may even think you are making healthy choices, and in actuality you are sabotaging yourself. So… I decided to suck it up and seek that help at the most unlikely of places… A chiropractor!

I am so, so glad that I went to that first appointment, and all the ones I have had since. It has been about six months, and I have healthily lost over 30 pounds, all through the help of my chiropractic team, and the other folks at AHW. The nutritional guidance, the judgement free consultations and check ups, and the fitness help have all made a huge difference in my life. I can fit into those clothes I haven’t worn since my second son was born, I get compliments every day, and most importantly I FEEL absolutely amazing. My energy is through the rough, I have confidence for the first time in years, and I know that I am on the right path to becoming my best self.

You would never know it from reading this, but I was actually very wary of chiropractors at all prior to hearing of my friend’s amazing results. I just never believed they were real doctors and had heard so many horror stories. Honestly, I don’t remember hearing one from anyone I actually knew, but you just hear things and you believe them. Regardless of my doubts or fears before, I now have total faith in the abilities of the team at Advance Health and Wellness. It is so much more than a chiropractic office, too. They have a wonderful team that is made up of chiropractors, health and wellness experts, and nutrition specialists. Their approach is truly one for the whole body, not just your back, which is what people tend to think of when they hear the word chiropractor. I recommend anyone give them a chance!

Managed IT Services Nashville

Working for a company that provides some of the best managed IT services was very thrilling for me, but my family had no clue what I did and how I helped them in their daily lives. I had to take the time to explain to them why my job made people’s lives easier and how it made a world of difference when you’re trying to communicate, as well as protect data internally. My dad was the hardest one to convince because when he retired, he was still using paper and pencils to do every aspect of his business.

When I started talking about the managed IT services in Nashville, I explained by saying that even though companies paid for our services, we actually saved them money in the long run by adding efficiency to their workday. Employees could get information faster, and there was less downtime when it came to performing certain online tasks. Plus, we always provide the company with the latest advancements in technology so that they experience the most innovative products in the industry.

The more I went on, the more my family understood what I did for managed IT services in Nashville. My brother really got it because he works for a company that sells air conditioning units around the country, and he was constantly relying on databases and email programs. He said he didn’t know what he would do if he couldn’t call someone in that had experience in managed IT services in Nashville. I was very skilled at handling problems when they arise and always made sure they paid the utmost attention to details because IT issues only make life frustrating.

Another way that managed IT services benefit people in multiple industries is that we can provide ways to show proof of things like cost increases, quality of products and services, and the different risks that can occur in business. When businesses have access to information like this, they have a better chance to prepare for the future of their products. Forecasting is essential in business from the food industry to those that work in plastics.

By providing managed IT services in Nashville, we have the best opportunity to give the companies the information they need to save money and time, as well as gain a new perspective on their goals. We like to give people a leg up in their industry. On top of that, we provide them with a safe place to store data so they can focus on the task at hand and not have to worry if the competition is gaining their information.

Now when I go to work, I feel confident that my family will have a better understanding of just how important my job in managed IT services in Nashville is. This makes me feel proud that they took the time to get to know my new career better. In fact, my dad even recommended my company to a business owner. Once the account was signed, I was given a raise and a new position two floors up.

Immigration Laws Explained

It’s funny because I can’t believe how much I know about immigration law, and I’m not even a lawyer. Truth be told, I work in a flower shop next door to an immigration attorney. I watched so many people walk through the door of their office. Now and then someone would come through my doors and ask if they were in the right place. I would have to tell them that the Chicago immigration lawyers?worked in the building next door. But the most rewarding times was after someone had a positive outcome, and they would come to my flower shop to get a beautiful bouquet to sit on their table the night after they gained their citizenship or win their case.

There was one very elderly woman who came through my doors one day. She asked if understood immigration law. Her English was very broken, and I could tell it was not her first language, but I knew she needed to go next door to the immigration attorney. I told her where to find the office, and she asked if I could walk her over there. She said her vision wasn’t very good, and she would greatly appreciate the help. I was more than happy to oblige.

When we got next door, a nice looking man greeted us. I told him this woman had come to my flower shop, and I was just helping her over to his office. He thanked me, and I left. I saw him getting into his car that evening and asked him if he was able to help the woman, and he said he was going to do everything in his power. He said that her entire family has lived here for years, and her first grandchild was just born. So, the family saved money and were trying to help her so she could live here and help raise her grandchild. This story touched me so much.

The next time she had a visit with her immigration attorney, she came right over to my flower shop and asked again if I would walk her next door. I did again and this time I stayed a little longer with her while she waited. She told me all about her new grandchild, everything she had been learning about the US, and the process she would be going through. She told me how much she trusted her lawyer, and what a great job he was doing. I was impressed with how much better her English was getting.

For every visit, she would always start at my flower shop, and we would walk next door together. When she finally gained her citizenship, she asked if I would come to dinner to help her celebrate. When I got to her home, I was surprised by how many stories she told her family about our walks from my shop to the immigration attorney. The immigration lawyer was there, and he said he was finally happy to know his neighbor. Five years later, I’m married to that lawyer, and we still visit the woman to celebrate the day she became a citizen.

Need a new roof in Nashville?

When I found out that I was going to have to get a new roof put on my house in order to sell it, I couldn’t believe. I thought there was no way I could afford to call a roofing company in Nashville, but after I had talked to a few of my friends who had recently gone through a major home improvement project, I realized it was more reasonable than I thought. So I went out and contacted a few Nashville roofers. If you are in a need for a Nashville roofing company make sure you check out Nashville Roofing at nashvilleroofingexperts.com

Nashville Roofers

The first step I took was to get quotes from a few different roofing companies in Nashville. Once I had the numbers, I chose a Nashville roofing company that had a lot of experience and a great reputation. They weren’t the cheapest or the most expensive, but right in the middle. My main concern was that they get the roofing job done right the first time because I didn’t have the money to fix any problems that might occur later.

I was actually in better financial shape than I realized but still needed two months to save the last of the cash for the job. The Nashville roofing company completely understood and we scheduled the installation for a later date. I told them I would call them to confirm in the upcoming months.

Then I started cutting back on going out to eat, but the hardest thing for me was going to football games. I decided that I would just throw small gatherings for the next two months to save the money I needed. I just kept thinking about how much better my house would look after a new roof and the amount of value I would add when it was time to put it up for sale.

Since I wasn’t going out as often, I started doing inexpensive repairs around my home to add even more value to it. I loved that this kept me busy and even though I couldn’t tell a big difference at the moment, I knew that the look of the new roof would enhance the look all of the small projects I had going on.

The day finally came when the Nashville roofing company started the job. I was thrilled that they showed up right on schedule. And they had actually been keeping up with me throughout the months to make sure that we were still on for the date we had set. The crew was fantastic to watch, and I could see right away that everyone was experienced.

When they finished the job, my house looked brand new. As soon as the For Sale sign went up I had an offer within just a few days. In fact, I didn’t even make it to my open house before the paperwork was signed! When people ask me if it’s worth the expense to hire a Nashville roofer to replace their roof before selling a house, I always tell them that it worked out for me. I actually got above asking price because two people started bidding on the home.

Are you ready for summer


Summer Landscaping Tips!

If you are trying to get a tan before a big vacation, get in shape before a family reunion, and impress the people you are surrounded by in your neighborhood – look no further than landscaping. I will never forget when my husband got in the business of mowing lawns, planting and cutting down trees, and designing yards to make them more efficient and beautiful. It was a day that improved our marriage and made me realize he knew more than I thought. If you are looking for landscaping Franklin TN look no further than DP Builds – Franklin Landscaper!

I love the look of a well-manicured yard, and it gives me added benefits in so many other aspects of my life. For example, I can walk in my house with pride. At times I even take notes of what neighbors are doing with their lawns. For instance, I have one neighbor who loves to plant tulips around Easter. This is a classic move that I tend to follow, but I’ve learned to be a little different and plant tulips that have more of a variety of colors.

I also make sure I accessorize my lawn with colorful glass ornaments that compliment the yard when the sunlight hits them just right. This adds that extra touch that most people tend to skip all together. These items can also be functional as well as beautiful. Some hold water and continually keep your most important plants hydrated in the dry weather.

A great way to gather ideas is to pick a neighborhood that has won a beautification award in your area, and grab a nice cup of tea or sparkling water, and cruise around in your car, or park and walk the rows of great looking houses. Neighborhoods like this are always in competition with each other, and will go above and beyond to make their landscaping adventures stand out.

And don’t forget to look in antique stores for great accessories for your lawn. There is something very charming about old wagon wheels and water spickets by mailboxes and a birdbath free standing off to the side of a weeping willow. You could get an old whisky barrel and plant an herb garden in it that sits right on your front porch. You have just given yourself the benefit of fresh basil in your spaghetti sauce!

Always make sure when you are designing your lawn you add a place for you and your family to relax. A nice hammock in between two trees or a gazebo with a porch swing for everyone to congregate around is a great touch. With everyone working in the lawn getting all the vitamins they need from the wonderful sunshine, it will be important to have that shade.

Not only will you be the envy of your neighbors because you have a yard that is relaxing, functional, and full of beautiful accessories, but you will have found that you have great color to your cheeks, your arms are in better shape, and your waistline will be a little smaller. All benefits of having a great looking yard!


Awesome SEO & Local Web Design

SEO & Web DesignI know having incredible web design works because I have been caught buying something from an attractive website for no other reason than it looked trendy and well put together. Web design draws people in, and with the right design, you give people that call to action that most sites are looking for. We have recently had some work done from All My Web Needs, a local Nashville based web design company and SEO agency. If you are also looking for Nashville SEO services look no further! You can also check out there Nashville All My Web Needs Facebook page. People don’t like being sold, but it is easy to bring people in and make them feel welcome with the right design. Also, it can give them a sense of having something in common with you before they even read a single word on the page. The worst thing you can do is to be too forceful, and then clients will never come back to your site. People always like to complain about a business more than they like to praise a business. Think of it as going into a home you have never been to before, and the first thing you smell when you walk in the door are homemade, chocolate chip cookies. Then a nice looking lady smiles and motions for you to have a seat on a comfortable looking chair. In front of you is a steaming cup of tea, already prepared with honey and lemon, just the way you like it. You have some small talk and then you notice the piano in the background. You inquire about it and she politely tells you its story, as well as hers. She also mentions that she give piano lessons. You used to take lessons, and always loved it. She then tells you that she actually has an opening on Tuesdays and would gladly give you the first lesson at half price. She then goes to piano and plays something you remember from your childhood. Somehow, this sweet, little lady just got you to commit to ten lessons, pay up front, and made it seem like your idea. She is the face of what web design is meant to do. Just like what the piano teacher has done, web design is an invitation to what you need to accomplish when working with an account that wants calm action. You must create that living room that smells like cookies and mint, and provide that cup of tea that has been perfectly prepared for your visitors. No one should walk in feeling sold, because after all, it was there idea to come by in the first place. This is what makes people continually visit a website. Technology is fast paced and exciting, but if people can slow it down just a little bit and make it more inviting then they will see more traffic and some great sales on their pages. Not everyone is as effective as this little old lady, but we should all strive to be. Being informative and engaging are the key ingredients here, and you have to have a bit of knowledge as to what your customer wants. The key is listening and providing that living room setting where everyone is comfortable. This will get people out of their shell and browsing what you have to offer.